View From the Hill 2015 – A discussion amongst educators leading up to a book on Fort Canning Hill

Artist and teacher, Ms Kelly Reedy shares with the participants, some of her pieces in which poetry has been embedded into the art piece itself

This 25 April 2015, Singapore History Consultants Pte Ltd (SHC) and the English Language Institute of Singapore (ELiS) co-hosted a brainstorming session which also involved the Ministry of Education, where teacher-writers, artists and poets were given an introduction to Fort Canning Hill with regards to its art, heritage and history.


The event was the base platform for educators to discuss ideas with the final objective of producing a book integrating the various subjects of exploration on the hill. The participants were first given a lecture followed by a tour of Fort Canning Park by our director, Mr Jeya Ayadurai.

The tour which shed light on the park’s extensive heritage and history took them to places on the hill such as the 9-pound cannon, the Keramat of Iskandar Shah and participants were even allowed an exclusive sneak peak of the Battlebox!

Artist, Kelly Reedy, was also present to share with her fellow artists and educators the inspiration behind her works as well as the different mediums utilised to express her ideas. A display of her works further demonstrated this translation of ideas and thoughts to physical art pieces.

The event came to a close with participants sharing their previous works. Thoughts and ideas sparked by this event will form the foundation of the book  on Fort Canning Hill by these educators and artists.


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