Rise of Asia Museum

Singapore History Consultants is also regularly involved in the organisation and conduct of academic talks and conferences through its association with the Rise of Asia Museum (RoAM). From 2022, RoAM has organised a series of talks covering diverse topics such as history, politics, religion, philosophy and society. Aptly called “RoAM Talks”, we aim to provide a platform for local and overseas academics to share their deep knowledge and expertise. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

The upcoming Rise of Asia Museum (RoAM) will explore the ancient contributions of Asia in culture, religion, and the arts; its decline during the colonial period; and its post-war re-emergence. RoAM will be launched together with a Major Buddhist exhibition titled “Seeking Enlightenment over 2,500 Years: The Rise and Spread of Buddhism in Asia”.

The exhibition will be dedicated to educating the public about the rich Buddhist philosophy, practices and traditions and promoting human values and appreciation of our common human heritage.

Past Events