National Education Programmes for Military

Singapore History Consultants has been conducting National Education (NE) Programmes since 2001.

Over the years, we have designed more than a hundred original  and unique NE Programmes covering a wide range of topics including the six pillars of Total Defence (Military, Civil, Economic, Social, Psychological and Digital), World War II History, Globalisation, as well as Race and Religion. 

Our dedicated facilitators are experienced storytellers, who specialise in weaving key learning points into their stories, jokes and interactions with participants. 

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Seminars & Workshops

Meeting the Challenges of Race in Singapore: A Workshop on Social Cohesion ™

In-Camp Seminar, Workshop & Quizzes (3 hrs)

​Gain a deeper understanding of Singapore’s ethnic groups & case studies of racial conflicts and security incidents in Singapore. Explore the impact of cyber warfare on social cohesion.

Seeking Common Ground: A Workshop on Religious Harmony™

In-Camp Seminar, Workshop & Quizzes (3 hrs)

Introduction to Singapore’s major religions. Unity in diversity – explore how misconceptions can lead to cracks in society and why we should celebrate Singapore’s diverse cultures.