Journey in and with Haw Par Villa: It is not the end

SINGAPORE – On Saturday, 21 May 2016, Haw Par Villa hosted its second round of escape games that ran into the evening, as the park extended its opening hours to 10.30pm. The park drew a crowd of about 1500 visitors, tripling its average visitorship of 500 on a regular Saturday.

The phantasmagorical atmosphere of the park set the stage for yet another night of educational entertainment that was centred around reincarnation in Chinese mythology. Participants were made to solve puzzles relating to Chinese legends and famous folktales such as those of Emperor Kangxi and Madame White Snake.

While being engaged in the game, participants were also reconnected with the once much-loved cultural icon. They had to interact with their surroundings, making use of maps, statues, and storyboards to piece the clues together.

Nostalgia hit home as participants reminisced their past visits to the park when they were younger. Many, however, only had vague memories of the park as it had been a long time since they last came.

Participants also expressed excitement over the possibility of similar events in the future, as they enjoyed the physical and mental challenges of racing around and solving puzzles. Journey to the End and Back is an epic game that utilised a large part of the park, different from usual Lockdown games that game enthusiasts are accustomed to, where they have to escape from a room.

Due to overwhelming demand, park management Journeys, in collaboration with Lockdown Singapore, has announced a third round of games, which will be held on 11 June 2016. Night slots are especially popular, perhaps because of the added atmosphere, with its tickets being among the first to be sold out.

However, the games were not the only highlight of the day. With the aim of encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship among young people, a small-scale flea market was set up to also cater to park visitors. The park is looking forward to inviting more flea markets in to boost F&B offerings and the carnival atmosphere.


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