Hell’s Museum

Museum Management

Hell’s Museum – The World’s First Museum on Death and the Afterlife

Hell’s Museum was launched on 28 October 2021, and it has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors since it began its operations. Hell’s Museum is the world’s first museum presenting perspectives of death and the afterlife across various cultures, religions, and civilisations. It incorporates the infamous 10 Courts of Hell, and explains more than a thousand years of philosophy and history behind the much-misunderstood institution.

The museum does not just focus on philosophy and the academic aspect of religion and the afterlife, it also explains the principles behind traditional death practices that people see all around them, including void deck funerals and altars.

SHC’s curatorial approach involved working with local practitioners in the Singapore funerary industry such as local gravemakers, Singapore Casket, Singapore Indian Casket for the creation of exhibits, donation of artefacts and explanation of practices. The museum also features several original videos made by the team, to condense the extensive research on the perspectives from different religions and communities, and make it accessible for visitors.

Visitors will undoubtedly leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the tangible and intangible cultural practices surrounding death and the afterlife. Guests can register for a 45-minute highlights tour that introduces them to the key concepts and ideas of the museum, and highlights points of interest and important key takeaways.

The museum has been extremely well-received, overtaking the Battlebox as the no. 1 museum in Singapore on TripAdvisor in March 2022. STB Chief Executive, Keith Tan highlighted the success of Hell’s Museum during the Tourism Industry Conference in April 2022. The museum also received the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Excellence Award 2023, placing it amongst the top 10% of attractions worldwide.