Changi Museum

Sustainable Museum Management

Changi Museum

In 2001, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) appointed Singapore History Consultants (SHC) to manage the new Changi Chapel and Museum having a proven track record in developing and operating public education programmes (for schools, military groups, corporate organizations) since 1995. The Changi Museum Pte Ltd (TCMPL) was set up as an associate company to undertake this responsibility.

The Changi Museum was maintained as a free access museum to encourage Singapore to adopt a policy of government museums granting free access to visitors. The museum was sustained with income from the provision of paid audio-guided tours, gift shop sales and rental of the restaurant space.

TCMPL focused on the educational role of the museum through the creation of audio-guided tours, school and MINDEF programmes and an award-winning World War II coach tour, titled “Changi WWII™: Life, Death and Courage”.

TCMPL promoted a culture of remembrance amongst Singaporeans by honouring the sacrifices of all who fought for the independence of Malaya and Singapore during World War II. The museum also forged strong relationships with local and foreign veteran associations, Commonwealth High Commissions and the Japanese Embassy.

The Changi Museum attained the title of No. 1 Museum in Singapore on TripAdvisor in 2013. The museum defended this title over several years, consistently ranking amongst the top 10 museums in Singapore and within the top 25 museums in Asia.

From 2017 – 2018, the museum was jointly managed by TCMPL and National Heritage Board (NHB). From 2019, management of the museum was passed back to the State.