Research & Consultancy

SHC’s reservoir of knowledge in general and local history, with specialised capabilities in heritage tourism, education and military battlefield studies, places us in a privileged position as consultants. 

Over the years, our reputation and credibility has earned the respect of various national agencies and private organisations, which have engaged us as consultants in projects related to heritage conservation and historical research.

In the course of these projects, our work has taken us to all kinds of strange and wonderful places. We have been commissioned to name new roads on Pulau Ubin, discovered secret tunnels at Labrador Park, developed heritage markers that line various ethnic districts of Singapore, acted as consultants for local and international TV programmes, and more. We live and breathe knowledge and information and convey them in spectacular ways to meet your needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Historical Research
  • Exhibit Development
  • Military History
  • Tour Design & Training Programmes

If you have a research project enquiry, contact us using the form!