The SHC Challenge Series

The SHC Challenge Series™ is a fun-filled way to learn about Singapore’s early history and settlers. We take students to the historic districts, where they will learn about ethnic culture and practices through interactive activities that are bound to excite and engage. More than a heritage trail and much more than a race, the Challenges are:

  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Quiz-based
  • Competitive
  • Safe
  • Great for team-building
  • Guaranteed FUN

There’s no better way to understand the story of Singapore’s earliest immigrants than to join an SHC Challenge!

Recommended for Primary 4-6

Kampong Glam

  • Trace the history of the Johore Empire and founding of Singapore by the British
  • Understand the Islamic religion
  • Marvel at scientific principles of Malay architecture
  • Use mathematics to understand some lesser-known facts on Islamic practices
  • Appreciate Malay traditions through fun-filled interaction and competitive activities

Little India

  • Explore the practices and ways of life of the early Indian immigrants
  • Trace the history of Little India from the cattle trade to a living heritage site
  • Understand Hindu philosophy through stories
  • Discover the world of mathematics through Indian heritage
  • Enjoy learning geography, science and about Indian communities through interaction and competitive activities
  • Experience Indian culture through hands-on activities involving body decorations and art


  • Explore the practices and ways of life of the early settlers
  • Visit a Chinese temple to get in touch with Chinese religions and temple practices of the early immigrants
  • Discover ancient Chinese science and inventions
  • Appreciate Singaporean and Chinese architecture
  • Discover traditional trades and history of Chinatown through interactive and competitive activities