The S³ Series: Strategies for Survival & Success
Overcoming Challenges of the 21st Century

"The S³ Series examines the impact of globalisation, challenges to Singapore’s continued survival and the measures that have been undertaken in ensuring these challenges are met."

Meeting the Challenges of Water Sufficiency and Land Shortage™

Topics / Skills

  • Learn about Singapore’s perennial challenges – water sufficiency and land shortage
  • Understand the role that Singapore’s urban planners play in tackling these challenges and the policies undertaken to manage the environment
  • Appreciate Singapore’s hard-won successes in urban development
  • Appreciate the long-term strategies that are vital to Singapore’s continued survival

Recommended for Secondary 3-5

Meeting the Challenges of the Globalised World™

Topics / Skills

  • Learn about the impact of globalisation and new challenges that affect Singapore today as a result of it
  • Understand the strategies that ensure Singapore’s continued success in the face of increasing competition and emerging economies in the region
  • Appreciate measures that have been introduced to diversify Singapore’s economy to make it sustainable and competitive
  • Appreciate the importance of conservation in the face of rapid modernisation and development