Post-War & Nation-Building

These programmes focus on key issues that impact post-war and independent Singapore. Featuring broad themes such as governance, urban planning and economic development, these trails are relevant to the History, Combined Humanities and Social Studies syllabi for Upper Secondary School students.

Civic District Heritage Trail™

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of government
  • Trace governance in Singapore and appreciate the contributions of leaders from the colonial era to the present
  • Retrace Singapore’s path to nationhood through important monuments located in the Civic District
  • Learn about past riots and gain a better understanding of the importance of racial and religious harmony
  • Visit important institutions of government and organs of state to gain a better understanding of the institutions

Recommended for Secondary 3-5

The Time of Turbulence™

  • Focuses on riots and mutinies in 1950s Singapore
  • Reinforces understanding of how a nation met the challenges of the 1950s & 1960s and developed into a strong nation-state
  • Appreciate harmonious multi-racial living in Singapore
  • Understand the fragile nature of a multi-racial society

Downtown Trail™

  • Features case studies of how Singapore meets the challenges of urban planning
  • Understand Singapore’s strategies for overcoming the constraints of land
  • Take a peek into the future of Singapore – downtown!

Singapore River Heritage Trail™

  • Explore the origins of the Singapore River and the development of the city area
  • Appreciate the importance of the River to Singapore’s economic growth
  • Learn about the lives of people on and around the River during the 19th to early 20th century