Civilisations Series

Take your students on a journey to experience the ancient civilisations of the Malay, Indian and Chinese communities. Understand the origins of Singapore’s ethnic heritage and engage in traditional cultural activities that have survived to the current day.

Designed with the Lower Secondary History Syllabus in mind, these trails will allow students to draw links between the ancient civilisations and the contemporary society in which they live.

Topics / Skills

  • Complements learning of Ancient Civilisations history syllabus
  • Opportunity for cultural appreciation and enjoyment
  • Features a cultural performance and museum visit
  • Talk provides overview of each civilisation – useful for revision of syllabus

Recommended for Secondary 1

Malay Civilisation Trail

  • Be enthralled by ancient artefacts that reflect the many layers of cultural influences that Malays of mainland and maritime South East Asia localized.
  • Visit a mosque wherein lies a 19th century tomb and discover its link to the treaty that sold Singapore to Raffles.
  • Engage in interactive activities: be king and queen for the day, enjoy a performance of the beautiful yet deadly Malay martial arts tradition – ‘silat’, try out some of the silat moves and sample Malay 'kueh'.

Indian Civilisation Trail™

  • Learn about the rich diversity of Indian culture and its people.
  • Be amazed by the contributions of Indian culture to the world and the influence of ancient India on the cultures of South East and North East Asia.
  • Discover the shared origins between Indian and Chinese religious beliefs at the Hindu and Buddhist temples.
  • Enjoy a workshop on an ancient dance form full of symbolism- the Bharata Natyam.

Chinese Civilisation Trail™

  • Learn of traditions from ancient China that are still relevant to Singapore today
  • Unravel the stories behind the fabled scholar, five Confucianist virtues, fabulous symbolism and legendary heroes and deities
  • Discover ancient cultural practices at Bukit Brown or learn about temple culture at Thien Hock Kheng
  • Enjoy a workshop on the charming Chinese opera.Asian Civilisation Museum – Featured on the above trails or as an independent site