Secondary School Programmes

Learning Journeys
National Education & Social Studies Programmes for Secondary Level

Our Secondary School programmes...

  • Were designed with the Secondary School Social Studies syllabus in mind
  • Suit particular themes that correspond to learning points set out in the syllabus
  • Can be used to supplement the curriculum as they are highly compatible with what is
    taught in class
  • Are recommended for certain age groups so rest assured that the content will always be
    manageable for the students

All programmes are payable through the Edusave scheme. They include worksheets and two-way air-conditioned transport with accompanying Tour Facilitators. Pre-tour talks are optional.

Civilisations Series

Recommended for Secondary 1

  • Malay Civilisation Trail™
  • Indian Civilisation Trail™
  • Chinese Civilisation Trail™
  • Asian Civilisation Museum – Featured on the above trails or as an independent site
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Source-based Learning
Investigating the Past / Early Beginnings, 1300-1819

Recommended for Secondary 1 & 2

  • Of Rajas, Sultans & an Island – A Trail of Murder & Mystery™
    Exploration of 14th-Century Singapore at Fort Canning Hill & Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Exploring Fort Canning Hill™
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War & Its Impact

Recommended for Secondary 2

  • The Battlefield Study Tour™ (Half or full day)
  • Exploring Changi in World War II™
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Post-War & Nation-Building

Recommended for Secondary 3-5

  • Civic District Heritage Trail™
  • The Time of Turbulence™
  • Downtown Trail™
  • Singapore River Heritage Trail™
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The S³ Series: Strategies for Survival & Success
Overcoming Challenges of the 21st Century

Recommended for Secondary 3-5

  • Meeting the Challenges of Water Sufficiency and Land Shortage™
  • Meeting the Challenges of the Globalised World™
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The Treasure Hunts

Recommended for all levels

  • The Mystery of the Missing Tombs of the Malayan Princes™
  • The Insane Investigation of the Incredible Indian Idlis™
  • The Crazy Quest for the Clattering Clogs of Chinatown™
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Racial Harmony Programme

Recommended for all levels

  • Gems of Katong – Celebrating Our Ethnic Diversity™
  • World Religions Tour™
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The Sculpture Walks

  • Singapore River: Sculpture by Dreams and Aspirations™
  • Marina Centre: A Salute to our Future™
  • Civic District: Monuments to Courage™
  • Orchard Road: The Art of Celebration™
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