Battlebox gets ‘hacked’ during the Travel &Tourism Hackathon 2014

Selfies have been sweeping the internet and whether we prefer the duckface smirk or the coyly suggestive close-up, selfies have become a mainstay of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This may have been the inspiration behind the winning idea from the guys at Go Places!, who pitched the idea of having a pictorial guide customized to the taste of visitors to the Battlebox (managed by SHC).

Their creative and innovative idea was crowdsourced from over 20 digital agencies who took part in the Travel & Tourism Hackathon 2014 that was co-organised by the Singapore Tourism Board and The Barnett Group. Held over the last weekend in November, the hackathon was an avenue where industry partners could explore digital solutions to enhance the storytelling and experience creation of travel attractions in Singapore

The Battlebox was one of the sub-challenges which got more than half of the 20 teams wanting to “hack” the experience within the highly secretive Underground Command Centre where the decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese took place.

Thanks to the guys at Go Places! (now $2500 richer from the prize money) your next selfie as a pilot flying the Mitsubishi Zero can be featured in your very own Battlebox pictorial guide book!


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