About Us

Company Profile

Singapore History Consultants is a firm that specialises in heritage education and research consultancy services. It was set up in 1995 with a single purpose – to change the way history was taught and preserved in Singapore.

After its inception, SHC created its first heritage trails, bringing students out of the classroom and pioneering the trend of interactive learning in the national school syllabus. Since then, SHC has successfully implemented a wide range of valuable programmes that have benefitted thousands of students.

Thanks to the quality of these programmes, SHC has carved out a market niche in creative heritage tour design. The firm’s commitment to excellence has solidified its reputation as the most trusted National Education practitioner among teachers and academic institutions in Singapore. In recent years, SHC has also become a close partner of the Ministry of Defence. Tapping on its expertise in military history and contemporary issues, SHC has created special programmes designed for military personnel of all ages and ranks.

The strength of SHC’s programmes stems from its investment in training and commitment to research. SHC’s team comprises individuals such as historians, researchers, tour facilitators, educators, and writers who specialise in various subject fields. Over the years, this dynamic team has contributed to the repository of knowledge on local heritage, bringing fresh perspectives and insights to the Singapore Story.

The firm’s research capabilities and, of course, its passion for history have also led to its involvement in many research projects commissioned by agencies such as the National Heritage Board, the Singapore Tourism Board and the National Parks Board. Through these projects, SHC has played important roles in the preservation of historic sites such as Labrador Park, Changi and various ethnic districts in Singapore.

Our bread and butter

History is boring? Not from where we’re standing. Here at the Singapore History Consultants, we believe that history can exhilarate and entertain. It all depends on how it is being told.

The art of story-telling is a fine and delicate one. Thankfully, we’ve had more than a decade since our inception in 1995 to perfect our skills. Over the years, we’ve charmed and won over thousands of students, and softened many a hardened soldier’s heart. Since we haven’t claimed any casualties thus far (death by boredom, or by any other means for that matter), we can only assume that we’re doing something right.

The formula is simple. All our programmes and projects are painstakingly researched, lovingly crafted into compelling stories, then delivered with a healthy dose of passion and insight.

We are proud to say that this winning combination has been our bread and butter for over 20 years.