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This painted scene depicts the intelligent design of the Malay kampong house. One of its ingenious features is the attap roof.  The roof is thatched with woven attap made from palm leaves which are inexpensive and occur naturally.  Furthermore, the palm leaves are of low thermal capacity which insulate the house against the tropical heat.

Welcome to Singapore History Consultants, your leading partner in heritage education and research and consultancy services.

Our business is diverse but it is anchored by one thing: history.

As educators, we teach history by taking students out of the classroom and bringing soldiers to battlefields long forgotten. History may be recorded in books but, sometimes, books only tell half the story.

As history consultants, we partner national agencies such as the Singapore Tourism Board to work on research projects that go toward preserving Singapore’s living heritage and historic sites. They may not look like it but, very often, old buildings and districts are a nation’s most important treasures.

As a firm, we are dedicated to celebrating Singapore’s unique past. And make no mistake –Singapore’s history is as colourful as it is dramatic, filled with tales that will move and inspire.

We can’t wait to share it with you.

Explore. Learn. Treasure.

  • Journey to the End and Back at Haw Par Villa!

    Singapore History Consultants' associate, Journeys' Haw Par Villa is having an event! Journey to the End & Back is a large scale escape-themed games event happening on 14th May and 21st May 2016.

    Participate in interesting games, challenge your problem-solving skills, and discover Haw Par Villa!
    Organised by Lockdown.SG and Journeys, there will be five sessions per day and each game session is an hour long.

    All who are 12 years old and above are welcome to join, come with your loved ones explore Haw Par Villa like you've never done before!

    Do note that tickets will not be sold on-site, you can purchase the tickets online at the following page:

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